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UPS  (Un-interrupted Power - for those load shedding moments )

UPS - For those power shedding moments !

We supply both on-line & off-line ups's. - Our range vary from APC, Alpha Power /  Proline / Mecer & inverters.

Capacity:   - Up to 6KVA Available (On-line)

ME-600-BK (600VA):       360W (Off-Line)

ME-800-BK (800VA):       480W  (Off-Line)

ME-1000-BK (1000VA):   600W  (Off-Line)

ME-1400-BK (1400VA):   840W  (Off-Line)Mecer - Offline Ups.

ME-2000-BK (2000VA): 1080W  (Off-Line)

ME-3000-BK (3000VA): 1800W PDF (OFF-LINE)

Mecer Titan 3KVA On-Line UPS - PDF (ON-LINE)

Mecer Titan 6KVA On-Line UPS - PDF (ON-LINE)


Download your free Acrobat Reader now ! *MULTI PLUG (IEC) 1+1 WAY -10 AMP  R 89.00 Incl


** Please note: Due to high demand please place your orders promptly. Mecer UPS


RCT Inverters available:



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Intellipower 4 2400va /1440w Long Backup UPS w/ 2 x 105Ahs

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This all-in-one unit offers "Plug and Play" convenience for power cuts and load shedding. Simply plug it all in and enjoy uninterrupted power for hours and hours - what could be simpler? It's a UPS that gives long backup!
Use this unit to backup 2 PCs and 1-2 Printers (not laser) for 6-8 hours, or 4 PCs and 2-4 Printers for 3-4 hours or very Large TV, Decoder, DVD, Stereo & Few Lamps (with energy saver bulb) for 8-12 hours.

It comes in black box on wheels with inverter ontop (INT4) or grey box on wheels with inverter inside (PS1200A)

This UPS has 2 x 100Ah internal batteries and is also available with 4 x 100Ah internal batteries for double the backup time (PS1200B)

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